Friday, May 5, 2017

In Our Country Progress And Development Begins And Ends With The Cow

dividing the nation between
Hindus Muslims the agony of
living on the planet of the Cows

our soldiers on the borders butchered
bodies mutilated decapitated to our
politicians it does not matter somehow
they are busy issuing Adhar Card for our
Cows ..passion s to kill arouse ..
with their army of Gau Rakshaks blood
thirsty extortionists state sponsored
hooligans gifted endowed .

Pehlu Khan
for he sake
of the Cow

Our Supreme Leader sanctimoniously silent
he has taken a vow render to God what belongs
to God render surrender the Muslim man on
the Altar of the Holy Cow its only Triple Talaq
I am against it too that he raises his arched
eyebrows ..

Beware if they find beef in your refrigerator
you are not even safe in your own house