Sunday, October 23, 2016

The New Lady Waits For a Loved One At The Antique Store .

Kept on the dirty sooty floor
Her eyes search for her lover
Ever more passionately she
Lusts for that moment her
Eyes are sore ..naked she feels
Like a who're luckily the rain s
Are gone she watches the owner
As he sits at the shop door. .
Come buy this beautiful statue
To a beggar poet he implores
She locks her eyes cosmically
Pathos touches her core ..
The Antique owners assistant
Sleeping on a rocking chair snores
Life caught between less and more
Patriotism let's out a cry a roar
She has been extorted by a buyer
For a princely sum of 5 core
Nationalism rust and ore ..
Corroded by corrupt politics
In another store ...