Monday, August 1, 2016

My Poetic Wastelands

It has a brand
Now it is a lotus
Earlier it was a
Traffic policewalas
Raised hand ..
My constituency
Nurtured by
Ms Poona Mahajan MP
Advocate Ashish Shelar MLA
Is a sight to behold very grand
Swach Bharat cleaning garbage
From the land but who will clean
The evil minds of cow protectors
Extortionists terrorizing Dalit
Muslins of our aggrieved
Motherland ..
Acche din I cannot understand
I don't want 15 lakhs in my bank
Account dear Modiji give it the
Farmers widows ..a thought I
Won't poetically expand ..
Progress development ..gasping in the
quick sand as a Indian and as a Muslim
I sincerely hope and pray you build the
Ram Mandir at Ayodhya as planned
But please spare the minorities as your
Pervading silence on the soul of Humanity
everyone misunderstands
As those that were once Kar Sevaks
Now in the guise of Gau Raksha Dal
have become a dangerous clan..
I have faith in you as the leader not of a
Political party or the RSS .
But our elected Head of our beautiful
Wonderful ..Land divided we fall
But united we must stand ..