Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Tower Of Ill fame

The slums of Bandra
all around it as far as
the eye can see it 
arrogantly shames
politicians pride poor
mans envy its only
notoriety to fame
the super rich will
come to reclaim
allah ho akbar
the muezzins call
the rich disturbed in
their sleep will blame
the soul of bandra
incongruously forever
maimed ..a photo
study on architectural
monstrosities of bandra
a builder politician nexus
all the same ,, gone
the east indian gaothans
a frame within a frame
dedicated lovingly
to my sweet Rosetta my
Bandra ex flame
if i had married her
i would have gladly
become Firoze Fernandes
a rose by another name
she married a rich NRI
she said my doomed love
was unconditionally to blame
a beggar poet on two legs
but cosmically accidentally lame