Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Kashmiri ,,,Searching For God In Mumbai

I meet beggars and it is a cosmic attachment with people and my surroundings he was trying to collect money for his sons operation..and it was on the high side ,,but he was full of hope and told me that Mumbai people have a heart..I wanted to tell him it is not the heart but the heartbeat that sensitizes the poetry of the human soul ,, I gave him what I could ,,
Mostly these street stories I shoot are stories of doom.. and I read too much Dickens Zola George Gissing ,,Balzac and I encounter those characters in my tales ,,I met Uriah Heep I met Aunt Pegotty I meet Mr Micawber the Fat Boy ,,
I meet Rastignac,,,through the corridors of my life ,, I am not much into writing but my pictures can be talkative enough ,,
And If I shot pictures to massage my soul .. to display my skill it would be terribly misguiding that is why I am not on Instagram Snapchat ,, I used to hate posting my pictures here on Facebook.. but I am now able to narrate here more than at Flickr the source of all my street stories .
I could never be a Press Photographer manipulating the poetry of Life following the same few crabs in a glass bottle ,, I gave up the regressive Camera Club which is nothing but a Madrsa of Photography in disguise.. I tell people go shoot your own pictures ,,and find a good Guru..a Guru is a must for ever photographer a Guru who will not always hold you bound as a disiple but make you a Guru too ,,
I was lucky I asked for one Guru , God in his Munificence gave me a Trinity
Father Son and Mr Malushte,, .The Father son being Mr KG Maheshwari and Prof Jatkar and I reiterate the best school of Photography is Flickr ,, what you learn there you wont ever learn anywhere else .
I never met this Kashmiri beggar again and I search for people I shot ,,but it is like searching for a fucked needle in a haystack.
But sometimes with your Tantric Kundalini you can force the moment to come back..