Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Dam Madar Malangs At Gwalior

We were all returning from Panihar Sharif the Asthana and spiritual abode of the Head Of Our Madariyya Order Syed Masoom Ali Baba.
We were invited to the Chalisva or 40 Day Memorial gathering of the mothers of Gaddi Nashin Razzak Ali Baba nephew of Syed Masoom Ali Baba .. his seat is both here at Panihar and also at Makanpur .His mother had died a month and 10 days back.
He is a very powerful scholar ,,and he is very young ,,we get along very well..
Syed Masoom Ali baba is very fond of me and my Malang brother Marc,, and he is 102 years old man who lives in austerity ,, if someone offers him fruits he will invite me to have some ,,he takes care of me ..will offer me dry fruits and I am honored by his love and hospitality .
He feeds me victuals .. and I have never seen such kindly emotions even Syed Rafik Baba will see that I am well taken care of ,, I have honestly sincerely documented their Order ,, Rafik Bhai till date has never called me by name only as Maulaiee ,, Follower of Ali.
I used to wear a 6 meter turban and Masoomi baba told me to sport a 12 meter turban.. I wanted to grow my dreads but than I got fungal boils on my head I shaved of my head became bald for a few months .
And I seamlessly fit in both with Malangs the Rifaees and the Naga Sadhus ,,though I want to go deeper into the documentation of the Aghori Sadhus ,,
I was surprised that Masoomi Baba called me to Panihar Sharif personally and also to Makanpur ,,and finally I met him again at the
Ajmer Urus ,,
However I am very close to Liaqat Baba Malang of Chomu close to Jaipur ,, he calls me almost every week inquiring about my health and my diabetes,.
Dam Madar Beda Par