Friday, July 22, 2016

Tennis In The Rains Under Coach Surendra Pawar

My dynamic but humble coach Mr Surendra Pawar ..has kept me fit .
Gave Me a Reason to live when I was 
Down in the pits my life was totally 
Bullshit ..he presented me on my 
Birthday a tennis kit ..
Made me a 65 year old tennis player
Every bit ...a ball I can hit ..

After almost a month I go back to play tennis under my Coach Surendra Pawar ..on my injured leg .
Over 15 days in Khamakhya and 22 days in bed was driving me crazy so I wore a kid and slipper on my injured leg walk to the courts at Bandra Reclamation.
I played for 45 minutes and am feeling refreshed and better but the swelling on my toe is taking time .
I thank my coach and his instructors .
Rohan Pawar Darshan Bendal Mangesh Dhotre and Praful Tambe and Sanket Kamble and Maneesh for their support and patience .
Pictures shot by Rohan and Sanke