Sunday, July 24, 2016

Painted Walls of Bandra Nagrana Lane

Thanks to the various wall artists some very famous celebrity in their own rights some faceless and some nameless have etched their inner angst emotions on the eponymous soul of Bandra .
And you need not be an artist to understand the introspective metaphor of their it Anarkali Dada Phalke Rajesh Khanna Dev Anand all bought to life by a great connoisseur of Wall Art Ranjit Dahiya and I am not tagging him as this wall is not done by him ...but inspired by him ..he has inspired college kids to paint the walls at Bandra Hill Road ..
The walls that were once silent mute now talk voraciously and colloquially too ..Art is like Beauty in the eyes of the Beholder .
I am not an artist I paint with light I paint the silhouette of sordid silence but I have walked from Dadar till Mahim Mori road shooting the walls ..that are now a backdrop for the new migrants ..and what a contrast ..a painting incongruously holding the poor in its magical grasp .
I made my grandchildren both work with water colors shoot Maya the graffiti artist from Switzerland who did the huge wall at Friends Society building.
A lot of people I spoke to don't like her work ..we Indians need vibrant bold colors bold themes I think but Marziya and Nerjis shot Maya at work holding to dear life on a power crane .
Bandra has been aptly poetized by Art on the wall that soothes the monotony of the human soul.
One day people will come to see Wall art ..and Bandra will be the first port of call ..and all this thanks to those great masters and pioneers of Bollywood Art Project .
So if you let your mind force it on a image on a wall you let open a dam of words ..surging across adding hope to a denuded script of Life .