Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Man Is A Hindu but gets his Strength from Jesus Christ .

This is his street stall at Bandra Bazar Road and he sells fruits ..his clientele are most of the old time Christian ladies they bargain haggle but buy from him he will politely offer a slice of the musk melon and that touches them ..
As I was once his neighbor I lived for one month in a house opposite his stall a winding backlane the building was inappropriately called White House it had the biggest bandicoots moving about freely ..he gives me fruits without bargaining he gives me for much less and the other reason for his kindness is that he is fond of both Marziya and Nerjis .
So let it be known that Jesus belongs to almost everyone in Bandra ..even those who buy fruits from him are blessed by the Lord .
So there are lots of crosses in Bandra and every cross has a precious story to tell..
The Cross is not about religion it is about faith hope humility and humanity ...and the Cross reflects the glory of the poor..The Cross is the essence of Bandra living in mutual co existence ..and in Bandra tolerance is very much alive a Mosque comfortably within the sounds of a Sunday hymns from the neighboring St Joseph's Chapel.
And when I said I want to live and die in Bandra I truly meant I don't want to die in Babri or Dadri no not even in Delhi .. I want to die where God lives on a Cross in Bandra ..