Thursday, February 4, 2016

This Little Muslim Beggar Child Did Not Want Me To Shoot His Picture

he was ashamed
his mother begging
invoking Allahs name
martyred motherhood
burning in flames a
symbolic thought held
in a picture frame ,,
how a young mother like
her a beggar became
who was to blame ,,
a husband who forced
her to beg on the streets
what was his aim ..
master of the game
perhaps he was watching
from the distant her earnings
he would claim..

This is poetically inspired by an incident ,, a muslim guy would drop his wife two children in the evening outside the Tata Agiary ,, a little child begging with the mother and another child a girl doing her homework.. and the moment I went to shoot her picture she would abuse me ,, my workplace was close by those days at Bandra Hill Road and one day I waited and spotted him dropping them near the fire temple ,,

There are many beggar stories women forced to beg after being married off to a beggar ,,,and as my documentary is on Muslim beggars of India ,, I fervently shot them felt their pain .. women begging outside mosques ,,dargahs ,, the system cant find out the cause nor help in their rehabilitation.