Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Quintessential Muslim Man also known as Miya Bhai

There are lot of them migrants from Uttar Pradesh or Bihar who have come to Mumbai in search of their dreams the politician s of the above two states and notoriously UP have done nothing for the poor and the unemployed they filled their own coffers and became billionaires overnight the people from their states come to Mumbai to make fast money become rich .. some lose out some commit suicide some go back from where they came disillusioned some take to crime some get hooked to drugs .
I met a bhaiyya once at Kamatipura he had become a transgender he was a Muslim and told me his sad tale sodomized by his roommates he was now selling his body walking on the streets ..I asked him if he will ever go back to his hometown or his family he said with a sadness his body was badly diseased he was waiting to die in Mumbai ..he was a pretty boy just 23 year old .
So the story of migrants in Mumbai is a story of pain self sacrifice and death