Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Muslim Beggar Grandmother

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I have known her for many years she stays in the roadside slums at Lal Mitti Bandra reclamation .
She used to beg with another child in my area and sometimes outside the Shia Khoja Mosque Bandra Bazar Road.
However I shot her with this new child outside the mosque at 7.30 am while going for tennis I mostly cut through the mosque backlanes
sometimes .I spoke to her this is her new grandson I gave her some money ..I had no time to shoot her video in order to make this street narrative more colloquial ..make you listen to her story and the power of her grandchilds eyes that held me in a vice ..he penetrated the poetry of my restless soul.
And this is my genre Muslim Beggars God forgot ...was it part of his cosmic plot they suffer outside his spiritual mansion they beg whine rot fajr prayers on the dot .
Accidentally this picture I shot on the Soul of Humanity a cancerous incurable blood clot ...with her grandchilds cosmic eye and the third eye of Shiva two entities that fought ...time and fate watched me from yonder said now what ..
Some cake some biscuits for her child from the bakery opposite the mosque I bought .
The power of a grandmother and that mystic tiny tot .