Monday, February 8, 2016

The Man Who Walks From Juhu To Dadar With this Board .

I was buying bloodworms for the flower horns at Sweet Home Aquarium Bandra SV road I called him out talked to him and began shooting his video he has been doing this on his own creating awareness about child care ..don't teach them about good or bad but first teach them good values ..He is from Gwalior MP .
And this was a street story I shot I had seen him before but we could not connect ..and I realized as a street photographer I can only shoot those stories that God wants me to share with all of you and I don't really need my DSLR s for stories such as this that cosmically activate the third eye of Shiva in my camera phone have to first shoot pictures that automatically become street stories I call all this poetry of Life my prodigious prolific Bandra Blogs .