Thursday, February 11, 2016

My 9 km Walk Today

After my tennis I walked through the Bandra transit camp backlanes cut through Jeff Caterers passed St Andrew Church than Chimbai Joggers Park and reached Carter Road at Carter Road I saw a huge crowd at the Ganesha Temple celebrating Lord Ganeshas birthday I shot a video than I spotted a few American hot shot photographer s shooting some urchins on the beach I spoke to one of them and shot their video they went about shooting Make in India the poverty and the kids ..The father of the kids watched from a distance I told him to take money from them the kids deserved a good meal .
From this end of Kolis beach front I walked till Danda and continued my walk till Khar 14 road from here I walked till Bandra 29 th road moved out towards Waterfield Road ..Hill road Boran Road and finally home to Bandra Reclamation ..
I had completed 9 km in about 2 hours .