Thursday, February 11, 2016

My 3 km Walk Today Ash Wednesday

I finished my tennis and walked towards Mount Mary back steps but first I paid my respect to the Lord at Mount Carmel on Ash Wednesday today.
From the steps of Mount Mary I greeted my friends from Marys Clan and met an old friend Tony he once sold plants outside his house close to the steps.
I reached the Mount Mary Basilica shot a video..some stills and walked down to Bandstand via Kane Road ,,I spotted a shooting nearby and was surprised to see my dear Facebook friend Jawad Askari sab he is part of the creative team of this Iranian production and I was told the line producer is Mr Pehalaj Nihalani.. Jawad sab introduced me to the Iranian director and I met some old friiends from Pehlaj jis team.
However I had to cut short my walk and return home as wife needed to go with Marziya and Marziyas mother to the doctors .. Marziya has suspected typhoid,