Friday, February 12, 2016

Kashmiri Beggar searching for Hope in Mumbai

 I have shot him earlier and he saddens me limping begging away from his home in the Valley in the lonely heartless streets of Bandra.
What made him come to Mumbai to beg ..why did he choose Mumbai over Delhi thousands of miles away. I did not ask him he begs in silence .
Alone perhaps he has a family at the the camp near Bandra East where I am told the Kashmiri migrants live in make shift tents .
And such is life of a migrant in the city of dreams called Mumbai .
I have been documenting these migrant s since a very long time now ..most of them are Muslims so why is the government silent on this issue of the people of Kashmir
Why are they not trying to find out the cause and why are they not taking action both center and state .