Monday, February 8, 2016

I am the Resurrection and the Life

When I was very young studying at Holy Name High School I got beaten by my father I was a mischievous child ,, I decided to run away from home ,, I was very close to Fr Stephan Nazareth and he had moved to St Andrews Church Bandra I took a train to Bandra walked to the church and met Fr Stephan Nazareth I did not want to go back home ,, I used to call this father the singing priest and those days he taught me Catechism the subject that I had voluntarily opted for instead of Moral Science ,,at our school.. so he had made a great impression on me ,,those days .
He fed me than took me to Bandra Station gave me some money too and told me to go home ,, and that one kind deed changed my life forever ,, I never forgot him and a few years before his death I shot his pictures he had moved to RC Church Colaba ..through him I got a chance to shoot the Afghan Church too.
Fr Stephan Nazareth was a great humble soul,, and one of the reasons why I cosmically bond with this iconic 400 year old grand church.
After Fr Stephan Nazareth it was late Fr Peter Drego who I befriended at a function of Jesuits at St Peter Church and we remained friends till his untimely death..
This was a blank post merely a picture and it was my life and my resurrection back to life thanks to Fr Stephan Nazareth.. I had planned to leave Mumbai and never come back.. but he sent me back home ,, a childs memory that re awakens each time I shoot this church.
I thought of sharing it ,, with you.