Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Funny Part Of Life ,, They Will Feed Pigeons Dogs Cats But Never The Poor People

I shot this from a moving cab.. a limbless man on a box moving near the iconic place on Mahim main road where a provision store makes money selling grains bird feeds to the pigeons .

And over the years I have been shooting the Bandra Talao where people bring sack loads of grains to feed the pigeons and proud that they are doing a great deed .. but none will ever take out time to feed the poor on the roads and this is the satire of misplaced charity on the streets of Mumbai.

I lived at Colaba Strand cinema and early mornings drunks urchins picked up the chana at Gateway of India food for the pigeons from the Marwari Sethias ,, those days I did not have a camera only a camera eye.

I know rich fat ladies feeding biscuits to stray dogs at Carter Road Bandra  as the greedy urchins watch hungry in vain.. some of these do gooders just hate the poor with a vengeance ,, that is dangerously unhealthy,

I am a people photographer my cosmic camera eye misses nothing .. and it saddens me ,,the apathy neglect for the poor denizens on the streets .

The sense of genuine charity no more exists in the human hearts of Mumbai...and I am shocked sometimes when people give me money seeing me barefeet and think I am a beggar too a bawa who will pray for their libidinous wretched souls too.