Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Dargah Of Aqsan Malangs Of Panihar

Panihar is on the Indore Gwalior to Indore Highway , the roads real bad inaccessible till the village , this village is a mix of Hindus and Muslims ,,from Gwalior station to reach Panihar I was to give the ricksha guy Rs250 and than he told me he would be returning back to Gwalior , empty I gave him another Rs 200 ,, because it was very late in the night ,,
Panihar is the seat of the Asqan Malangs and here lie the ancestors of Syed Masoomi Ali Baba ,, now I will explain to you about the Malangs ,, Malangs are only among Syeds ,,ancestry of Janabe Fatima ,, there maybe other Malang orders but Hazrat Ali is the fountainhead of the Madarriya order affiliated to Hazrat Zinda Shah Madar ,,even the Qalandaris Rifais Chishtiyas etc are all interconnected to the Sufi order of Madariyya .
Syed Masoomi Ali Baba is a celibate ,, Dam Madar Malangs malangs have to be celibate and must grow their hair..the next Malang peer will be the nephew of the reigning head of Malangan.. so Syed Masoom Ali Babas inheritor of his seat at Panihar and Makhanpur is his nephew Syed Razzak Ali Baba he is very young and an Islamic scholar ,,,he is wellversed in the traditions of the Malangs he was initiated as a Malang when he was 7 year old .
He is a bit camera shy but I shot a video..he took extreme care as I was suffering from a viral stomach ailment ,, this grand event was in memory of his mother who untimely death was a tragedy,.. Razzak Baba I think is not more than 27 year old or younger ,,the langar community dinner was for over 50000 people Hindus Muslims Dalits combined sharing the same platform..
The Hindus consider Syed Masoomi Ali Baba an avatar of Lord Shiva ,, his dread heads are about 18 feet long,..
Along with Syed Masoom Ali Baba is his main malang Syed Rafik Ali Baba a great Malang scholar ,, orator and my dear friend ..we are both malang brothers ..he has been my greatest supporter he calls me Maulaiee ,,
My Shia background my Shia ancestry my Shia ethos has added this Malang dimension purely out of being a follower of Imam Ali ,,
Despite living in a village ,, no electricity no internet no mobile network.. I was well taken care of ,, I met some great poets scholars at the event and was impressed by Dr Inthikhab Alam Jaffery of Makhanpur ,,
And The Gaddi Nasheen of Dargah Zinda Shah Madar Hazrat Baqi Sab..
But what really humbled me was young kids who had seen my cameo in Mr Raj Kumar Santoshis film Phata Poster Nikla Hero produced by erstwhile Mr Ramesh Taurani..came surrounded me to give them autographs others taking selfies with me in this village .
Another awakening here was a devotee a Hindu wealthy Patel from a wealthy family of Jaipur Gopal Badshah ,his adopted father is Liaqat Ali Baba Malang who is my peerbhai.. Gopal Bhai is decked in gold ,,dresses in white carries a golden plated Hookah with an attendant from Jaipur ,, he became my friend calls himself Mohomed Ali Momin.. both his kids are doing MBBS ,,
He is well known among the Qalandaris Madaris and has built a safe house for travelers at Kaliar Sharif Panipat .
I am posting my documentary in my new set at Flickr ,