Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Once Upon A Time I Was A Beauty Queen Said The Hijra To Me

dancing swirling the hearts
doing mujra a diva i wanted
to be business men mafia don s
lavished their love and money
rich gifts that they gave me ,..
a hijra i was a hijra i always
wanted to be.. but happiness
did not last long time chiseled
by fate i have aged in captivity
i now beg at the bandra reclamation
signal living on charity ,,my hijra roots
my branches my family tree blessed
by the dada guru before he died
love he bestowed on me ,,i was
once married to a handsome guy
who loved me dearly..who died
in a road accident leaving me old
lonely ,,very thursday a visit to his
grave now an earthen memory
reciting the fatiah.. my beloved
has left me forever ..his grave
under a green mango tree