Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Try Not To Unnecessarily spam people with Republic Day messages .

Earlier I took both my granddaughter s Marziya Nerjis to shoot the flag sellers but this year I stayed at home nor did I go for my walk ..however I am posting this picture of a man who walks on crutches at Bandra Reclamation he walks a step at a time sometimes he gives me a smile and I encourage his spirit of fighting back with a smile too.
We have never talked but while I was coming back from the sea link end I saw him doing his exercises he was in dialogue with god as I shot this image and from my soul saluted the resilience of the Indian ..and God created the Indian in his own image ..and I like all of you am proud to be an Indian born in the womb of Mother India .
This is a memory I metaphorically impose on you without spamming you harshly ..I use my own images to tell the story of life ...
Jai Hind Jai Maharashtra.