Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bonding With The Rafaees at The Dhuni Makdhoom Shah Baba ..2016

It has been ages since I visited the Mahim dargah of Makhdhoom Shah Baba Mahimi ,,and I am uploading those pictures now at Flickr over 300 shot in about 2 hours ... the Dhuni the Rafaees and the Food lane .
This picture of me and Gunhegar Baba was shot at the 100 Urus of Abdul Rehman Baba Dongri last year , Gunhegar baba has stored our images on Whats Up ,,and we go a long way back .. he was very rude to me and would not allow me to click his pictures when I first him 20 years back but now we are good friends .
We respect each other he calls me Firoze Bhai Malang and you cant miss him .. he is at every Urus in Mumbai or Ajmer ,, he is a mystic a shaman an exorcist and a healer ,, he mostly lives at the Kurla cemetery ,, he is an expert in oils and herbal medicines .
I missed Hassan Ganda last night and the Chancawalli Rifais have splintered up ,, joined other Sufi orders or groups ,,, I document them when I am in Ajmer at Jalali Chowk.
Once a lot of hijras thronged the Dhuni not anymore ,.. the Chancawalli rafaees have invited me for their sandal but I dont know if I will be able to make it..