Sunday, December 6, 2015

When Mulayam Singh Ji Becomes The PM Of India Will The Life of The Bhaiyya Change

rahul gandhi as his erstwhile deputy
que sera sera whatever will be will be
wishful thinking on the part of akhilesh '
yadav you may or may not agree ,,,but first
build the Ram Mandir set the restless
soul of the Sanghis free ,,on this day
they proudly bought down babri..
giving birth to another tragedy
the senseless murder of akhlaq
tears on the soul of dadri ....
build more ladies toilets ,,
to pee or not to pee ,,
we dont want 15000 in our
bank accounts ,,we hope
that netaji wont be globe
 trotting like our inimitable
modiji..achhe din and sab ka
sath sab ka vikas ,,please
let it be ,,,saifai the new
capital of  uttar pradesh
bigger better than amaravati