Friday, December 11, 2015

Today I decided to get back to my humble Lucknowi roots to the city of my birth a noble tribute ..

In the earlier days when the sherwani was handsticthed and to give it the flow drape on the posterior it was pressed with a medium hot iron on a tawa ..and that is how Mr Raj Babbar Sabs sherwanis were made for Nikah.
I made this sherwani through the hands of a novice my maids brother he had just started making coats and a bit of cutting .I made this sherwani to wear in Hyderabad for Moharam but somehow never got down to wearing it and I wore it just for kicks with my Karakul cap .
The sherwani has sadly been bastardized by the designers and by those who have deformed it .It has lost its Nawabi ambiance it's sartorial spirituality .
Wearing a sherwani is nothing special it is how you carry as I only wear cottons and linens I made this in Irish linen dyed black.
And the beauty of this sherwani is it flows like a river ..when I walk .