Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Woodcarvers of Bandra SV Road.

The few shops at Bandra selling artistic hand carved frames rocking chairs center table other woodden items know me well as the few friendly ones allow me shoot them .
There are some more after the Juma Masjid Bandra and at Mahim near St Michael Church a few off Mahim Causeway .
I have only shot the Bandra SV Road wood carvers and when my foreigner photographer friends want curios I bring them here and these guys give them a hefty discount ..they respect me a lot .
We all love beautiful things and the art that goes in making beautiful things ..and watching these guys patiently carving wood is real joy for the eyes that normally shoot filth and garbage .
And if you have an inclination and depth of thought there is a lot to shoot .
And sadly I don't have the time or the money to run to the mountains or foreign locales so I shoot the humble glory of my Bandra backyard has a soul and it is metaphorically real even as an imagined thought .
Street stories should be shot like a story board and now I shoot street stories on videos .
Once again pimping a picture as a photographer and telling a story as bloggers is the difference between night and day and the sun and the moon and Fuck F Stops.