Monday, December 14, 2015

The Poor Muslim Was Taken For A Royal Ride By All Political Parties

He is from Malda West Bengal,and most of the Muslim beggars in Mumbai begging in predominantly Muslim colonies  Muslim slums Muslim ghettos are from Malda or Murshidabad ,,

Why are they leaving their homes , city village town undergoing hardship living in worst human condition begging in Mumbai..Mumbai is a city of dreams but it can be a very heartless city for the migrants ,,very unfriendly somtimes and unapproachable .

Those who make it in Mumbai ..marry another beggar and start life afresh..their kids also beg..

And at Shastri Nagar Santa Cruz close to the Bus Depot , close to the mosque , men woman children begging ..Muslims begging from Muslims ,, and I knew he was from Malda much before he told me that..

And the leaders from the cities they come from dont care a bit .. and they beg grovel.. but they will remain a beggar all their lives ,,