Friday, December 11, 2015

The Nizami Murid calls himself a Malang .

ly one person can pass through .
The workers get their lunch on a system called BC Rs 450 for six days .
I have not tried their food and was too ashamed to shoot it it is bad but this is the cheapest best food for the migrant workers where I come all of them hail from Bihar ..once in a while my wife makes biryani and zarda for them .
They call my wife Bhabiji and as I was bought up in the Kurla slums 62 years back it has become part of my inner angst .The slums have not left me at all ..the beggars hijras would invite me to their slums in Dharavi but I never could make it the largest number of commercial and beggar hijras live in the Shastri Nagar Slums .
I also visit the Maharashtra Nagar Slums too my masters coat workshops
I have had the most hectic day yesterday a meeting with Mr Gautam Adhikari sab and his family back to work and a hurried trip to town for a film order dinner was roasted buff tongue sent by our neighbors I had it for a change than at 10.30 pm spoke to my granddaughters Marziya and Nergis they said they could not wish me because of Shahadat martyrdom of Holy Prophet and Imam Hassan .
Moharam in Lucknow never ends matam majlis never end even after 2 month eight days of Moharam.
We might go to Lucknow to visit them as they have relocated to their mothers hometown .
These are early morning stray thoughts giving birth to a personal blog .
Happy Morning to all of you ,wife has ordered va strawberry cake for my friends teachers at the Tennis court I will pick it up at 7 am.