Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Madman From Rae Bareilly

I had a very hectic day yesterday and while I was walking from Dadar E station towards Hindmata ,, I spotted a bearded man crazily attired , I had my camera I shot a few frames .he said his name was Hazrat Ali,.. I thought he might be some Sufi monk or something like that , but cosmically this sudden meeting intrigued me , and I began shooting his video on the road on my mobile phone ,he said he was from Rae Bareilly ..and he performs on the streets ..he has no money , what he needs the public provides and he praised the Hindu brothers for the love they give him on the streets of Mumbai , people who passed us thought both of us were crazy.. me in my malang attire and he in this red Superhero like dress balancing a water bottle on his head ,,these are my street videos they talk.. my stills dont ,,
He wants to make a film.. and he is sure the public will provide him the money for it , he will be the hero , the heroine will be some battered helpless woman from the streets ..and this is the synopsis of my next video..
He did not ask me for money , but he seemed to enjoy the fact that I was shooting him.. and Mumbai a city of dreams is full of hope ,, filled with stories all you need is your mobile phone to tap them..
And I try not to be pre judgemental about people ,,he is living out his life on a canvas I merely added his presence on my You Tube timeline ,,
Will I meet him again I doubt he was a traveler ,, our paths crossed , I captured a part of the essence of his cinematic soul,,,as a mystic and certainly not as a photographer ,,,