Friday, December 11, 2015

The Drug Addict infested Shastri Nagar Slums

I have to pass this way to go to the Bandra Slaughter House Slums and behind the garbage bins at any given time the drug addicts dangerous notorious sit her shooting their syringes they are not scared of anyone and even cop vans that pass this way look the other way and this is a densely populated Muslim locality and all Muslim inhabitated slums are the dirtiest filthiest and they just love to fling the garbage on the road instead of the garbage bins perhaps they too are scared of the drug addicts I shoot garbage and I am not a fake sanctimonious activist that you find a dime a dozen ass licking some political party or the other .
Pimping the agenda of any political party gets you pocket money too I stay away from all political parties ..I am a photographer and I poeticize the ugliness of Bandra .
Bandra where I stay is not Carter Road or Chintujis Pali hill or Sharukh and Salmans Bandstand .
I stay on the dark side of the moon at Bandra bazaar road a few years back while we were going through the worst period of our life wife thought of selling the house relocating to some distant suburb leaving Bandra for good but God helped us and so did a few friends and we held on to Bandra .
And we are originally from Colaba but Bandra became a part of our destinys accidental inheritance .
And I will continue shooting garbage dumps they are a catharsis to the mind of this beggar poet ..
Mera pas Kachra Hai tumhare pas toh Sirf Swach Bharat hai lol