Friday, December 11, 2015

The Dabbawalas having lunch from their tiffins.

Most of the dabbawalas of Mumbai know me as I shot them on the only day they bunked from work to support Anna Hazares India against corruption at Azad Maidan and I shot them prolifically ..and I am a Mumbaikar and I love the Dabbawalas they are the breath and spirit of our beautiful Mumbai you can find a bit of every Indian city in Mumbai but you will never find a Mumbai in any other state of Akhand Bharat .
There never was and will never be another Mumbai in any part of India ,Mumbai is the only original smart city a city of dreams a city of hope and yes a city of our hard-working world famous punctual Dabbawalas .
And earlier I blogged at Flickr now i blog at Facebook and what is a blog if it has a borrowed picture and no fucking original content.
Yes blogging is nothing but telling a story to a crowd of people at a marketplace called Facebook.