Monday, December 14, 2015

Do Lepers Celebrate Mothers Day ?

I left home yesterday in a hurry I am busy with some film work.. I left my mobile phone at home and did not realize it till I saw these new beggars in my area .. Bandra Bazar Road ,,And I shoot lepers .. and I did not want to rush home get my camera and capture them..I let the moment pass me by but I willed the moment to return with a demonic passion called street photography .
This morning as I was returning home I saw them in the market Bazar Road and before I gave them money generously I shot two videos and these 3 frames ,, I can go on shooting lepers forever ,,and the fair and lovely cream will never have a leper mother and the child as their model...
I used to document the life of a Hindu lady a leper who converted to Christianity, but the custodians of Jesus .. could not give Maria her salvation she begged on the road at Boran Road , she has left Mumbai but will return I am sure.. I wanted to connect her with Sister Christobel a healer and helper of the poor ..from Mother Theresa s order a very good friend of mine .. and late Fr Peter Drego.
Now her daughter Mary begs where she once sat,.. her children are in a convent I am told in South India ,
I shot a lot of beggars on the foothills of Haji Malang that was once a beggar colony , now it is prime property and the lepers sold out just a few remain...
I shot a very prolific leper beggar at Hyderabad I was here for Moharam shooting him with my dear friend Boaz.
There are two lepers and a beggar lady at Bandra Hill Road ,, they are the three most iconic leper beggars of Bandra .
So these are street stories ,, shot as pictures cosmically bought forward after I had lost them yesterday .
I have realized if you force a moment to return it cosmically comes back.. there was a time when I left home and I said I will shoot the transgender and believe it or not I met them shot there was no way the moment could evade the Third Eye of Shiva held as eternity in my camera lens .