Friday, December 11, 2015

A tribute to me from my sister on my birthday

A toast to the evergreen spirit of a man who is my oldest brother. An admirable human being, passionate artist who sees beyond the eye and the epitome of men's fashion.
He shoots straight from the gut, a daredevil, a champion of the lesser privileged, a malang - as he defines himself, a Lucknowi, a Bandra-ite to the core, a charmer with his aptitude to connect with people from any hemisphere, race, economic status or language, a poet exemplaire, Firoze Mohomed Shakir
Firoze Mohomed Shakir stands out in more ways than one - not just in his sartorial taste.
The First of the Shakirs!!
Wish you a life filled with love and joy in abundance. Stay awesome, stay you!

Farzana Suri