Thursday, October 8, 2015

We Have To Beg Or We Will Die

she penetrated my  poets soul
the unforgiving pain in her eyes
uncle wont you give us some alms
as she looked at me hopefully on
the streets of Bandra an empty
space near the cross of jesus
they occupied ..on the wayside
the child was 11 day old getting
used to the tutorials of begging
demystified from the waters of
her mothers here
in an alien world where beggars
are born live and die sucking'
a dried mothers nipple ..with
her closed eyes ,,, is this child
perhaps a god in disguise
testing humanity as a beggar
people dont realize... it takes
a cosmic poet to open peoples
eyes ..through the third eye of
shiva camouflaged as a cameras
inimitable lens eye ..if this child
is a beggar god what am i