Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Tragedy Of The Congress Party ,, The Cart Before The Horse

Outside the dirtiest filthiest Municipal park in Bandra the Congress Partys banner announces the new gym is its gift to the residents of Bandra Reclamation at Gen Kumar Vaidya Marg..
Without being cheek and jowl it is a great gift, but in a park like this where you hardly see the watchmen or security..
Yesterday drunks druggaddicts were using the equipment and they abound in this park.. the kids from the slums misuse it ..and as the kids slides and other old rusty appliances are soon going to fall of the kids make a beeline to this new equipment,
I called the watchman and he said what can he do, they hit him with stones , they pull out blades to slash him I told him why does he not inform the corporator Mr Tanvir Patel.. he said and these are not my words ,, that they came when the equipment was placed in the park got their pictures taken and now why should they come.
He looked a very scared defeated man.. and this is tragic.. and I was for once happy even Muslim ladies were using this novel public gym.. but imagine the risk to them from the hooligans goondas from the nearby slums and you will never find Bandra police here ..its pathetic,, and I think in a few months all this newness will go with the equipment parts being sold of to scrap merchants ,, the place were the gym has been installed is muddy soggy full of filth.
Thank you Congress Party you did one up on Ms Poonam Mahajans lethargic BJP on this park and its safety issues by installing the gym.. but what measures have you taken none ..zilch...frankly you are both two sides of the same coin..
This park is home for all the stray dogs of Bandra Reclamation.
And the 2017 civic elections is only round the corner and I am surprised that Mr Aditya Thackeray and Dino Morea did not think of installing their gym here ,,beats me ,,I did mention this several times to Mr Sudesh Dubey Shaka Pramukh Bandra Shiv Sena.