Friday, October 2, 2015

The Quintessential Earcleaners of Bandra Talao

I was returning by bus from Santacruz,, and when the bus dropped me at Bandra SV Road I decided to pay a visit to my friends Kassim Bhai Nabi bhai .. earcleaners both brothers have been cleaning wax from the ears for 40 years .

In the early days of their career as earcleaners they used to charge one anna ,,, now they charge Rs 20 but sometimes they are happy if they get Rs is really bad they were telling me ..between them they had 5 clients ,, so I sat with Nabi to get my ears cleaned and shot two videos ,,

My earcleaner videos are the most viewed on You Tube ,,

I gave both of them 20 bucks each and listened to their tale of rising prices , hardships , they are originally from a farming background , but failure of crop and hard times made them earcleaners like their father a farmer turned earcleaner ,.

Kassim Bhai is the eldest his sons were into farming but now they word as kadia ,, masons at a construction site in Karnataka close to Gulbarga ,, one of their relative takes care of their farm.

The earcleaners will soon be evicted from Bandra Talao their street working space once the Bandra Talao is fully renovated , than they will sit outside on the road and ply their trade ,,, they dont know any other work only proficiently prolifically cleaning out wax from the ears ,,