Monday, October 12, 2015

The Maulaiee Ali Shah Bhai's Resting Place At Rehmatabad Shia Cemetery

This evening I left for the third day memorial majlis of my dear friend mentor Shia pride of Mumbai.. Ali Shah Bhai at Moghul Masjid it was at 4 pm.. but I was early and spent some time with his sons relatives friends wellwishers at their Sabil.. near JJ .

Everybody was going to visit his grave at Rehmatabad so I hitched a lift and reached his grave I was the only one there I shot a few frames ,, I recited fatiah for his departed soul,

Than after a long gap I visited my parents graves close to Ali Shah Bhais graves ,, I recited fatiah remembered my parents ,, I am a product f their humility.

Than I  went to the grave of Nawab Kashmiri..his family gave shelter to my dad and mom  early 50s at Wodehouse Road Colaba ,

Than I visited Meena Kumaris grave recited fatiah.. many years back as a child a relative had taken me to her shooting of Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam, he had a small role in the film.

I than went recited fatiah on Jalal Aghas grave and barefeet   left the cemetery but I shot some frames of the Jewish cemetery where old families from Colaba ..Mayers Sophers Reubens lie buried in a wasteland .. the most neglected cemetery and its a pity the Jewish consulate and the Jews of Mumbai have no respect for their dead.

I took a cab to Moghul Masjid the majlis began late I shot a lot of videos paid condolence to Ali Shah Bhais brothers Akbar Jalal Bhai and their family and Ali Shah bhais sons ,, this is my new set series at Flickr ,, my tribute to the greatest Matamdar of Mumbai.  Ali Shah Bhai.. with whom I shared some great moments in Mumbai during Moharam and at Hussain Tekri Jaorah.

And finally came to Mahim for the Inauguration of my friend Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdis iconic new Irani restaurant ,,Cafe Irani Chai near Cannosa Convent ,, I had chai bun maska and was dropped home by the dashing dynamic Mr Reza Kabul,