Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Photography Must Educate Must Have A Purpose Or Else It Is Meaningless

photography shooting pictures
as pictures makes no sense
palming of rubbish posing as
art is sheer nonsense ,, pictures
must talk reveal heal not simply
created by heads all dense ,,
pictures must tell stories ,,
create suspense alluring
intense ,,  otherwise not
'worth two pence showing
off with glitzy cameras those
fancy lens a stupid press card
pictorial pretense those hallowed
heads of camera club photographers
pompous pedantic sitting on a fence
one picture similar to another picture
same light same ambiance same
sequence ,, when will you grow up
when will you change  do say
something in your defense ,,

I saw a photo judging in my camera club and though I am no more into salon or competitive photography the entries were horrendous , and I felt sorry for one of my dear friend a curator of a prestigious art gallery made to suffer this ignominy of finding a good print among all badly shot created prints ,, and if you live in a jar of a camera club .. without widening your horizon .. mind you Facebook does not widen your knowledge of photography snapshots dont take you anywhere but into the dark ages ,, my benchmark for good photography as photography has always been Flickr ,, also depends on who you are following and those who are following you ..

I am a camera club product I have nothing against camera clubs but horrendous display of bad art work.. I mean is this how you want progeny to remember you ..the same guy gets the first prize is this photography ,, are you helpless to give birth to new innovative photographers ,, you cant change ,, you were never capable of changing .. to change you must change from within,,

You must create without copying ,, and come out of the closet living with dead masters is not going to give soul or poetry to your photography ,, for once become your own master .

With malice to none .