Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I Often Wonder Do Beggars Have Dreams Of Becoming Rich Men

He thought I was a mystic
both beggars within a divide
dressed in my malang robes '
my rings barefeet a turban
on my head my true self from
him i tried to hide ..i told him
one day he would be rich i
truthfully lied ..he took me
aside ..he said my humility
please dont deride i am just
a beggar born a beggar on
the broken wings of poverty
astride god is also a king
of beggars my mentor my guide
before he made me a beggar he
danced on my beggarly soul he
disturbingly destroyed my pride
hope cavorting with misery both
by my side ,,a dreamer within my
dreams ..he spoke to me in silence
his tongue tied ..demystified ,,
god is the giver god provides '
i looked at him stupefied ,,
spiritually strong fortified