Thursday, October 8, 2015

11 Day Old Child Begging At Bandra Bazar Road

I spotted them at Boran Road that leads to Bazar Road and I was in a hurry to get home but I stopped and took several shots , the mother of the child , the girl is the sister of the lady begging with her 11 day old child ,, I gave them some money ,, I wanted to talk to the mother but than I was carrying a heavy bag so I moved out ,,and this happens only in India and we are still stuck with beef on Facebook and Twitter and a people have to beg to eat ,, and these are Muslim beggars that I document showcase to deadwood Muslim society there minds no more in Mumbai but at Bisada village in Dadri Uttat Pradesh.. and the beggars are worse off than Mr Azam Khans buffaloes ,, these poor Muslim beggars lost tribe of Allah.. are still waiting for hope ,, and not a bewildering call from a crazy clergyman invoking  Ghar Ghar Islam.