Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wake Up Saudi Arabia ,, Year After Year ,,, When Will You Make Pilgrimage Safe For Everyone ,,.,


The Saudis never ever paid any attention to Safety this is not the first time ,,it saddens me that because they are the custodians of the Holy Cities they get away with Murder ,, negligence is Murder.

Your comments will not be liked by many people...but what you said is surely correct.......people are happy to die there....its a best way to go to Jannah..

my reply

Firoze Mohomed Shakir But Jannah can be from home to ..this is why the Saudis get away first the crane accident no lessons learnt ,,I mean do you understand the pain of the loved ones ,, of the dead ,,think for a second ,,mother weeping for her son , father for his daughter I mean it hurts ,, this is the greatest event in the world they have money everything so why can they be more careful or is it that lives of the pilgrims means nothing to them .. who really cares whether they like or dislike my comment I am telling you the bare facts of life ,, how long will these deaths continue ..for me it is plain pure murder there is absolutely no excuse and this is beyond our diverse sect or faith .. we bow to the One ,, and both his Holy Cities badly governed by the Saudi regime ,,