Saturday, September 26, 2015

Satish Malavade And Me Down The Years

We met during the Ramleela Shivaji Park, Good Friday and almost every year for more than 5 years at the various Eid Namaz At Bandra Station Road .
I call him Guru out of respect and his seniority as famous iconic photo journalist of Mumbai ..He is absolutely humble , no airs and is always trying to evolve experiment with his shots , its a great learning experience watching him work totally involved and he along with Ashish Rane Nitin SonawanePradeep Dhivar to name a few have always supported me helped me guided me ..and the striking common factor in all of them is their down to earth humility .There are others too I dont know them by name only by face who are the pride of photojournalism in Mumbai .
But sadly I have also met those with big fancy lenses cameras and solid roll gold attitude , arrogance who treat newbies bloggers mostly as piece of shit and even these guys in a way helped me ,.. to not become like them and there are many I dont wish to name ,,they have a famous newspaper press card and thats it.. but all in all I am grateful to have met some real great good photographers at such events having shot disasters , bomb blasts and other iconic Mumbai event feasts and festivals .
Satish Malavade is truly a person worthy to be called a Guru..
And last but not the least a photographer much younger than me , very bold and unafraid who inspires me the most we shot the Maha Kumbh is my nephew Adnan Abidi of Reuters he is one daredevil photographer lover of Adrenalin and Adventure ,,,his great grandfather Daroga Nabban Sab is my maternal grandfather descendant of poet Mir Anis.