Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Normally I Shoot Sadhus This Time He Shot Me With His Cosmic Eye

He stopped me outside Lower Parel station and it was not for asking me money seeing me in my saffron avatar he thought I was a Sadhu..he was returning from the Nasikh Kumbh . I was hardly able to carry on with this conversation I was barefeet , my feet burning if I stand in one place ,,and this is the magical quality of bonding in India ,, he was a Vaishnav Sadhu and I was connected to Juna Akhara through my Naga Guru,,

I wish I could have sat with him , some place had meals with him chatted and learnt something ,, but than Lord  Ganesha was calling me at Girgaum Chowpatty ,, and so  I was off on my wings of fancy .. held by the strap  of my camera ,

And this is my reply to a friends comment ,,
I bet his life is Amazing ,,