Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Will Believe In Digital India When It Touches The Beef Butcher Who Now Sells Tea

he is trying to be what
he cant be selling hope
in a cup of tea earlier he
cut beef chopped heart
liver and spleen minced
meat paya gurda kaleji
he was happy if you know
what i mean the only job
he knew blood splattered
apron never clean the beef
ban killed him  the grass
on the other side is also no
more green if only he had
a government job rehabilitated
but his life demeaned ...progress
development that he voted for
the modi factor that huge wave
washed away all his childrens
dreams it seems ,, ya khudaya
allah ho akbar bismillah ar rahman'
ir rahim.. alif lam meem ..a dream
holding a dream within a dream