Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hee Shan Konachi Lalbagh Chya Raja Chi...

Lalbagh Chya Raja The Eternal Pride Of Mumbai
Adding joy mirth a festive bliss people rejoice ,,
He is their Provider The Remover of Obstacles
Auspicious Moments he awakens he is their Voice
He Is The One The Only One Their Ultimate Choice
On the wings of Destiny their Wishes he hoists ,
Lalbagh Chya Raja Chi Vijay Ho shout out his boys '
the revelry the bliss as he proceeds to Girgaum
Chowpatty ..felicitated by the Muslims at Do Tanki
his royal dignity his spiritual poise ,, he wants Hindus
Muslims Christians Dalits Parsis Sikhs other denizens
of Mumbai to live harmoniously as he departs eyes
get moist ..sitting on his Throne with his loving convoy