Saturday, September 26, 2015

Alas If Only Her Parents Had Educated Her

On Bakra Eid with her little one
she would not be begging on
the roads pleading give alms
to me in the name Of Allah
a sad picture of failed motherhood
failed womanhood on the soul of
laid back expensive goat slaughtering
Muslim society a message explodes
a few coins they will give her out of
mercy misplaced charity a pitiable ode
she will be there again next year at
Eid ul Fitr ,,bearing her heavy load

Hotshot media photographers eminent photo journalists come to shoot the Eid namaz besides the namaz what else do they really see , myopically they have one track vision all of them as the Namaz and the prayers are about to end fathers uncles relatives get ready to force their nattily dressed kids to hug each other ,,yes with a reason .. their kids will be featured in the main dailies Hindustan Times and other sacrosanct editions .. this is Eid t be showcased to the public ,, this is perhaps the strict dictum of their brain dead photo editors this is a newspaper type stock picture ,,over the years and does the Muslim really want to see this arranged manipulated image ,,a hangover of  the medias limited understanding of Muslims and Islam.

Will they show two beggar kids hugging each other in torn tattered oversize borrowed clothes ..will they understand the pain of a Muslim mother on Eid begging here at Bandra Station , than carrying her child she will visit the Muslim slums nearby for some mutton.. and the Muslims in the slums understand poverty understand the hardship will give her something.. she will be driven away from the buildings of rich Muslims by the security guard where in the compound the rich Muslim is busy getting his 10 goats slaughtered .. he has the responsibility of a large family dont you see..the bearded Mullah brushing away the sweat of his brow another 8 sallas remain ,, the first stroke  of the knife on the animal to be slaughtered ,,,

Allah Ho Akbar ,, Yes God is Great ,, he fills everyones plate