Friday, October 26, 2007

Stop Racism

Stop Racism
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From: Ted Sheridan (Virginia Beach United States; Male; 59)

To: Firoze Shakir

Date Time: 10/25/2007 9:47:00 AM (GMT -6:00)

Subject: Re: Re: I don't usually like too many of what I write...

Go beyond what racist think because only their own discrimination will wake them from their sleep. You my friend are a man. Stand your ground even if your ground is but as wide as your two feet are apart. Others are with you.


Ted Sheridan
At Poem Hunter
Racist Pool
My good friend
heaven sent
Yes he is White
The color of hate
Not kicking my butt end
Rules that we bend
His words comfort me
As swimming with
English and Aussie Man eating sharks
Vile venomous
My path I vend
Fences that we break on Gods heart
On Mans heart we won’t mend
Lofty poetry
Lofty titles
Top 500 as a poet
But Racism is their dogma
Path breaking trends
The Arsewells the Saywells
Disemboweling their hate
For the brown man who
With words his honor defends
Good Morning
A thought to extend
Viking Goddess who talk
About loving India and Indians
Bharthari in such
hate colored environment
Yes earning their poetry stipend
Recipes in a cauldron
India Masala Crab Curry
Dirty Rice
Jambalaya a fusion
Cajun cuisine
To make amends
More hate portend
Yes this is one
Of their lady friends
Racism in Poetry
The Color White
At the tail end
American Women I could
Never comprehend
Good poets perhaps
But bad humans
Puckered lips
As they pretend
I hope to God never to befriend

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