Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Poor Migrants Of Assam and The Cows Of Lucknow

I felt sorry for both but yes more for the Assamese .. they are the pride of Assam and the heritage of the River Brahmaputra ,,
I was in tears when I shot this ,, if you are as sensitive and human I am you will have tears too..

This is Mr Akhilesh Yadavs Uttar Pradesh perhaps the contractors who bought these poor from Assam with their entire family pays them less than the locals .. I dont know ,,
I am a Mumbai guy ,, but never seen such apathy and cheapness of human life ,,

The PM says India is marching ahead ..ys only for the rich the protected Adanis Ambanis and others ,, its marching on the dead bodies of murdered raped women its marching had on the humiliated brutalized bodies of the Dalits it is marching ahead on the dead body of Akhlaq of Dadri..
Never was my India so deeply divided .. between the Brahmins and the low caste...I am not into politics .. nor a part member but I am a senior citizen 65 years old lived all my life in Mumbai ,,it hurts .. hurts hurts as much as it hurts all of you.
I can only poke your conscience through my pictures ,, original content ,,some through my poems and some through my videos .

I was in Assam shooting Ambubachi Mela Khamakhya ,, and the sweepers loved me because they had seen the Hindi film I had done a cameo and I took their broom to clean the streets of Holy Khamakhya ,,

Assam is Gods gift to Humanity and the Assamese are Gods true children.. seeing them in the wilderness as garbage scavengers much before I visited Assam .. was terrible ,,

Joie Khamakhya Ma ,,