Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Facebook Poke

The quintessentially
beautiful diva
A flame fire without
smoke ..sensually
Exciting my libido
I thought I would
Try to encroach
With the eponymous
Facebook poke
But mind you
She is rich desirable
While I am an old oak
But one death wish
To date her at Good
Luck Irani restaurant
Before I choke ..
A beggar poet
Dreamless Fucked
Always broke ..
Been on hard drinks
Hash ganja but never
On Coke ..
If she accepts my
Invitation I am scared
Before I touch her
I might just die of a
Stroke ...
No I politely refuse to bed
72 nubile virgins in Parlok
Meandering poetically
A phone call from her
All of me awoke
No I was tongue tied speechless
I listened while she spoke ..
She is from Bukina Faso
Her father died in a plane crash
Leaving her a few million dollars
My ass got sore I told Bitch
Fuck of Who're I shut the dreams
Windows and doors ..I banged my
Head against the floor no more
Pokes on Facebook sphincter
Tore ...I got back to my Fucked
Domestic Chores ...