Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Facebook Like Button

I have never used the Like button on Facebook as it is habit forming and and an insult to my fragmented intelligence ..
I don't won't ever re act to people's post .
But yes in all humility I thank those who read my posts and like my images ..
I may not use the like button but those few who are on my feed I comment on their posts with Nice or Cool..
I don't tag people unless I shot the person or his family . I don't poke men and I don't poke women .
I add people after seeing their profile I don't add Pakistanis simply because even if they were Shia s they would be shocked at my Hindu affiliation so why shock them and so I delete all requests .
I do have some Pakistani friends on my timeline and luckily they take my spiritual adventures without finding fault ..
Both my granddaughter s have Facebook and Twitter and Flickr accounts but I locked up the Facebook ones for good .
I find it strange what kick people get in tagging me ..I certainly won't add your posts to my timeline ..your aversions or even your political or spiritual perversions ..I am not interested ..
I also get Fucked mail stupid requests that make no sense .
These are my thoughts I thought of elaborating for those who added me recently without knowing the real me .
I am happy to bond with poets photographers artists ..and peace loving people. I respect your religion your view s but you don't need to shove it up my gullet it s certainly not a deep throat .
Now I will add a picture ..