Friday, July 29, 2016

Flickr What Next ,,,

 If only dim sighted Flickr had taken the initiative of making it like Getty's image ..photographers would have earned money a lot of photographers need money to update technology etc ..but Ms Marissa Mayer saw light at the end of a dark tunnel called Tumblr and soon after the tumbling started Yahoo that was offered 44 billion by Microsoft is now bring prostituted for 4 billion ..sad ..they just did not have the vision nor the power to RE invent ..some of the best photographers the largest collection of images from all over the world on Flickr and they lost it leaving us at the mercy of this is the irony of big bucks and photography..a lot of photographers don't do it for money for them it is pure undiluted love passion of photography ..I talk about us a large lot of poor photographers from the East .and perhaps some from the West ..

Money never hurt anyone ,,,I have not upgraded my camera for a very long time due to shortage of funds ,,,and God above has given up Street Photography ,,,

And the picture I have posted is of Lord Ganesha  the Remover of Obstacles ,, we all need on our new Journey Flickr